Troubles using IFI Loader

Sorry, it seems to be a dumb question…

But, when i try to load my program by the IFI Loader, it can’t open the computer port. I’ve tried many things to fix it, such as reinstalling everything, but nothing happens. :ahh:

If someone have the same trouble, or knows how to fix it, please tell me!!



Make sure you are using the correct COM port. Just flip through them until you find the right one. Also, make sure the RC is in “program” mode (hold the Prog button for a second or 2 until the Program light turns orange). The RC won’t respond if it isn’t in this mode.

Good luck, and post back if you have more trouble,

Yes, i’m using the correct port, that is the only one in our computer… I’m not meaning that the RC don’t answer, i’m meaning that the IFI Loader can’t open any port on my computer xP