Troubles with mDNS on Driver Station

Having a challenge getting mDNS resolution working outbound from driver station. I have installed bonjour, and still no go. I’m able to ping the roboRIO by address ( but mDNS lookup fails. I have a linux laptop that does not have the same problem (on the same network connection).

IP Config and ping details below. I have turned off firewall and disabled IPV6. Nearing wits end tonight…


Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Is there any firewall blocking mDNS traffic?

I’m pretty sure I turned the windows firewall off, but I’ll need to doublecheck. Note also that I’m able to resolve the drivers station on mDNS - I have a Jetson neworked in and when I PUTTY to it, I can ping the driver station using the defined name driver-2013-FRC.local. I just can’t get resolution going the other way.

Look at the Driver Station Diagnostics tab for more information.
The Firewall indicator will list the firewalls still active (there are three of them that have to be individually turned off). The Firewall indicator will be green if all Windows Firewalls are off.

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There are also other network disrupters, such as anti-virus (e.g., Windows Defender and Norton) that can be blocking you. They should all be turned off as well.