Troubles with MecanumDrive class and TalonSRX

I am trying to create a mecanum drive but it looks like the TalonSRX are not being accepted as SpeedController.
Any ideas?

Here is the code:

TalonSRX mecanumTalon1 = new TalonSRX(10);
TalonSRX mecanumTalon2 = new TalonSRX(11); // = new TalonSRX(RobotMap.MECANUM1_CAN_ID);
TalonSRX mecanumTalon3 = new TalonSRX(12); // = new TalonSRX(RobotMap.MECANUM1_CAN_ID);
TalonSRX mecanumTalon4 = new TalonSRX(13); // = new TalonSRX(RobotMap.MECANUM1_CAN_ID);

// Invert the left side motors.
// You may need to change or remove this to match your robot.

m_robotDrive = new MecanumDrive(mecanumTalon1, mecanumTalon2, mecanumTalon3, mecanumTalon4);

The constructor MecanumDrive(TalonSRX, TalonSRX, TalonSRX, TalonSRX) is undefined Java(134217858)

TalonSRX mecanumTalon1 - frc.robot.Robot.robotInit()

Thx Ozrien!

We just needed to use the correct class for WPI: WPI_TalonSRX.

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