Troubleshooting comms issues

We have an issue where we occasionally lose comms (maybe 1 second at a time over minute). We have tried 3 different radios, 3 different Rio’s, different VRM, New battery, different laptop, and different radio placement. We believe we may be overloading our Rio? I am unsure if there is a way to test this, but it also doesn’t appear to get worse when we are running. It just randomly cuts out when sitting enabled/disabled. Sorry for the broad post, but we are kind of confused.

Can you post a DS log?

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We are running autos right now, will post soon when it occurs again.

Will this work? The rsl only started cutting out near the end.

Update: This is occurring every three minutes on the dot.

A well-timed cyclical problem like that screams automation. Do you have anything else installed on your PC (antivirus, VPN, anything that may run automatic updates, etc)? Are you in a school or corporate networked environment?

We may have fixed the issue? Previously we made sure we were not automatically connecting to any other networks, but it would still connect even with the option off. We made sure to forget that network, and now we are not having the issue.

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Looks fairly similar to what’s being talked about here

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