Troubleshooting High PDP Current Draw

We were looking through our DS logs from our tournament last weekend and found that all devices connected to a PDP port were drawing a current of ~2A when at rest at all times. The only ports that showed 0A were ones without any device plugged in. The end result is a “resting” current draw of ~25A, which is not good.

We are using Talon SRXs, connected over CAN. Other than this, the robot operates normally and actually performed quite well. Has anyone come across this before, and does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this? Thank you.

The noise floor of the PDP current measurement is around 3 amps. Any values below that are not accurate, so you’re probably fine.

Thanks for the information! That’s what I was thinking and hoping, but I’m still concerned about the “PDP Total” graph that shows a rest current of ~25A. Does the software just add up each of the device readings and spit that out, or does it have a separate measurement for total?

Borrow or buy a clamp ammeter of appropriate range and you can test it in a matter of seconds.

Clip the clamp over one of the main wires coming from the battery.

Thanks. That’s already on the list when we next get access to the bot.

What is the firmware version of your PDP? If it’s < 1.37 it may read 2a on idle. The latest firmware is 1.40.

That’s a great question. We’ll have to check when we unbag, but it’s on our list of things to try. Thanks!

For anyone who is experiencing the same problem, the firmware update took care of it for us.