Troubleshooting regarding Roborio Communication with the Driver Station

Hello everyone, my name is Jack and I’m a member of the FRC team. Our team is fairly new, so we are still unfamiliar with a lot of stuff. When we download the National Instrument Packet onto our windows computer, we found that the roborio cannot connect to the driver station. We searched on the internet and tried all sorts of method, such as disabling all firewalls, uninstalling all antivirus, activating the NI product authorization, using the admin access, checking the wiring, reimagining and rebooting the roborio, setting the team number (which is not showing), etc. However, the comm light on the roborio remains off, and the driver station still shows no robot communication. We tried both the Ethernet cable and the USB. (after we disabled the firewall the driver station says mDNS…firewall) Can someone help us, please? Thank you guys so much and have a great New Year!

With the comm light off, that tells me you haven’t imaged the roboRIO yet. Download the FRC Game Tools for 2020. Install those. Connect to the roboRIO with the USB A-B cable. Run the imaging tool.

Thank you so much! We are definitely going to double check.

You’ve got a few steps to go.
I’m stating that as the most likely culprit currently as the light on the roboRIO itself isn’t on. With the image, I’d expect the roboRIO to light it up red prior to seeing the driver station and turn green after it sees it.
Once you’ve got that setup, you’ll need to get the team number in the driver station to see the comms.

This doesn’t sound quite right. A Solid Red light on the Comms light on the roboRIO indicates connection to the DS but no user code.

Tethering to the rio directly over Ethernet is usually the trickiest to get right as it relies on self assigned IPs which can be finicky. I would recommend sticking with USB for your initial troubleshooting.

Your team number is set to 0 in the DS, it needs to match the team number you imaged the roboRIO for. Set it on the tab that looks like a gear.

That’s correct. This is what happens when I don’t look at it during off-season.

Thank you guys so much! The problem is fixed now. Seems like we forgot to put the team number, what a funny mistake! Have a nice day everyone!

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