Troubleshooting REV pneumatic hub

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I am running into an issue with the rev pneumatic hub. It keeps blinking magenta and yellow, which means that it is over current.

I think the wiring is correct but I’d love some extra opinions.

I know the wiring is not clean as there is metal sticking out, but that will be fixed as this is just a prototype.

Are you having any issues other than the status light?

Plug your laptop directly into the pneumatics hub and use the rev hardware client to view active/sticky faults. You can clear the faults and update to the latest firmware if needed. (It may just be that the fault is old.)

Re: wiring - are you planning on terminating CAN at the PDH? If so, it looks like the termination switch is in the wrong place. (It’s hard to tell from the photo)

Lastly, it’s not wrong to power the PH off a fuse but I highly recommend powering it off a breaker since the compressor draws a lot of current when it starts up.

the only issue is that the pneumatics wont run, and I think this may be the culprit.

Sorry to be a bother, but what do you mean by the ‘termination’ switch ?

I will check the software again. That may be the culprit.

Thanks again

If you are ending your CAN chain at the PDH, you need to set the termination switch to on. It’s adds a 120 ohm resistor. The switch is located on the PDH directly to the right of the can wires.

I second the advice to use a resetting breaker, although I don’t believe that would cause the issue you describe. Also on using Rev Hardware Client to update firmware and reset sticky faults.

Whiskers shorting on exposed wiring would be more likely to cause a blown fuse in this setup than an overcurrent warning, but it’s something to look for. I don’t see any in the picture.

It looks to me like your PDH does have the terminating resister set correctly.

Does the compressor run at all? If so, does it get hot?

Thank you for your reply!

I just checked the REV client and it turned out that it needed a small update apparently which fixed the issue !
Thank you all for you help! Little weird that an update can cause that error but nevertheless everything is working!

Thanks for the help! John