Troy Athens Regional

I just had a vision today and I wanted to share it with you all.

I know the outcome of the Troy Regional. This is what will happen:

The Thunderchickens, being the amazing team that they are, will qualify second. The only thing preventing them from qualifying first will be minor technical difficulties that cause them to lost several qualification matches on Friday, but these problems will be fixed by Saturday. The #1 seeded alliance will then choose the Thunderchickens over 469 to break up the possibility of a mega-alliance.

In the Quarterfinal and Semifinal matches, the Thunderchickens and their alliance will win both games of the double elimination easily. In the finals, however, they will win their first game against 469’s alliance 17-3 (they will successfully stop 469 from using their mechanism) but will stumble in the second game, losing 9-6. This will be due to 469’s pure awesomeness. In the final match of the day, team 217 the Thunderchickens will lead their alliance in scoring and they will come out on top, 15-8.

Good luck at the Troy Regional, Thunderchickens.

**Has anyone else experienced any revalation similar to this one?

i do not agree 217 and 469 will pick each other but will have a tough battle in the finals by alliance 33 and 573. but don’t forget about 503 and 910 who will all put up tough fights can’t wait to see it :cool:

this was discussed at my lunch table the other day, Troy should be an exciting competition. 862 plans on having a small group there saturday so look for us :smiley:

67 plans on having a perhaps rather large group of people there to watch on Saturday. I hope there’s room!

I think that any good offensive team (33, 217, 573, 910) can win it all with 469. I also think that 217 will have a much harder time ranking #1 than they did at Cass Tech, and that 33 with their improvements or 910 with their amazing close-zone scoring have a chance at that #1 spot.

Was thinking of swinging by to watch the eliminations. Might get there a little early to try to check out some of the bots in the pits to see how they work. Interested in seeing what some teams do to try to stop the 469 loop. Good luck to all teams there!

I do not agree at all…call it what you will, but I’m a fan of Mia this year. 217 will win this competition. I think they will pick 910 just to show that 469 can be beat…and let’s face it 910 is one of the best sweeper bots I’ve seen.

On a side note, has anyone relized how insane states is going to be this year? Michigan is really stepping up their game this year…and that’s saying something seeing how dominant Michigan has been, well frankly, every year!

I’m pumped to see 217 win it all…again…and again…and again. Hopefully our 26-1 record loss will get broken here at Troy :slight_smile: we can only hope.

Myself and a few others also plan to be there! We have to go cheer on 910 as they did for us. :slight_smile:

I should be there this weekend.

I believe that the Thunderchickens will not qualify first (I just have a feeling that another team will break out and do well) but that they will surely win the eliminations. They have too good of a robot to not win.

Good luck to all the teams competing there tomorrow and on Saturday.

Are all awards, including wf nominees done after the event or are they spread out over the two days? If spread out, when would wf nominnes be done? Thanks for any info.

They will be done during the award ceremony on Saturday. Assuming everything runs on schedule, awards start at 5pm on Saturday.

They are done during the award ceremonies which follow the elimination rounds. It’s normally an hour ceremony, with the conclusion of it ending the event.

I heard that 469 is having troubles with their robot? Any confirmation? Anyone know what the problem is?

You mean break away. :smiley:

Team 2337 will have some people attending the event as well. It should be a great competitions and amazing eliminations.


Hopefully I can make it to see some elimination matches on Saturday. I *really *want to see 469 in action after all of the speculation that I’ve heard about their robot last weekend (20+ point matches :ahh:).
I wish the best of luck to all teams competing at this competition, and good luck in qualifying for State Championships to any team who hasn’t qualified yet.

Happened to scan over the list of matches that was put up on coderedrobotics. 217 plays against 469 TWICE! 469 also has a match against 33, and another against 910. 217 and 910 are with each other once, and against each other once. I believe 910 is also with 33 once as well. Those are just a few that I noticed with a quick lookover, sure there are some other good matches in there.

Match #4: 21-0, ouch!

If 217 is in 1st, they will either pick 469 or Paul will indeed fire the lead strategist.

The high score should be attributed to 2612, they primed the loop and cleaned up any mess. They were one of the best robot at Cass Tech and the ability of the drivers to control their robot is excellent. Actually, I’m amazed they weren’t mentioned as one of the most offensive robots at Troy.

217, 469, 910, 33, 226, 2612

These are the powerhouse teams at Troy (in my opinion).
All but Foley and Bees were at Cass Tech, and I think 469 might actually benefit more with an alliance with 910 rather than 217. That just leaves 2 of the biggest and best team’s to pair up for the win.

When a mommy and a daddy love eachother very much…

(Birds and bees for all of you people who don’t get my complicated jokes)

21 points isn’t a bad seeding score…