Troy Daze FIRST Demo September 14-16

Hi Southeastern Michigan Teams!

I’m Smita Purekar from team 226, the TEC CReW Hammerheads, and I would like to invite you to participate in the 2007 FIRST Robotics Demo at the Troy Daze Festival. This three day festival is an opportunity for us to spread the message of FIRST and a great time for us to demo this year’s game to the public.

The dates for this year’s Troy Daze Festival are this weekend: Friday September 14th from 4pm to 10pm, Saturday the 15th from 11am to 10pm and Sunday the 16th from 11am with tear down at 7pm. In addition to the FRC demo, we are working to set up demos of FLL teams as well as a VEX game to give younger kids the chance to drive a robot for themselves. This is an excellent opportunity to show off the FIRST program and you will have a blast getting to know the other teams and playing with robots in an informal setting!

This is the Hammerheads’ first year at Troy Daze and we’ve rented a 20’ x 40’ tent where we will set up half of the Rack ‘n’ Roll field. There will be a shared pit area for repairs and a common battery charging station, so please label your batteries. Though we can’t set up a public relations display for each team, if you have a banner you’d like to hang, please bring it. We suggest that you send a representative group of 4 to 6 students and at least one adult each day your team wants to participate. We’d appreciate any donations your team can make to cover the cost of the tent. We have enough space in the tent for a cooler, but probably not food, so you may want to bring some money to buy food at the festival. There are also many rides and attractions at the Festival, so if your team is interested in that, they should bring some extra cash.

Unfortunately, Troy Daze has informed us that they cannot guarantee the security of our robots overnight. Once we gauge the level of interest, we will work together with you to resolve this issue. Your team may also consider participating for just one day, or maybe half a day depending on your distance from the event and your team members’ commitment. We are hoping to have several teams there at all times to adequately demonstrate the “INSPIRATION” of FIRST!

Here’s the location of the Festival if your team is interested in coming, or if you’d just like to stop by and say hi: 3671 Crooks Rd, Troy, MI 48084.

If you want more information, feel free to email me at presidents.226[at]gmail[dot]com, or our Public Relations mentor Gina Ure at reginabina[at]comcast[dot]net . We look forward to seeing you there! For more information on the Troy Daze Festival, you can go to

Thanks in advance for making this event a success!
Smita Purekar
President, Team 226

If our team is not participating is it possible to come as a volunteer?
Or to represent our team as a one or two man team? :smiley:

Of course Cat! Just let me know when you’d like to come!

A few members of the ThunderChickens will be there with our robot. It’s going to be awesome :slight_smile:

Troy Daze is tomorrow! Hope to see plenty of teams there :D!