Troy: Thank You & Congratulations

I would really like to thank the event staff at Troy. It was a very exciting and well run event which has almost become an expectation.
I would like to thank the inspection staff for efficiently getting all the robots inspected. There were very few follows needed thank in part to your diligence.
MJ, thanks for keeping us organized in the pits. Another fantastic job, and be sure to thank your students that helped as well. I think next year we need to pack a sign that says “<-Pit Admin”.
Tim in spare parts, thanks for helping us keep those bots running.
Rob and Field crew, thank youf or working through the bugs and getting the field to work. I also appreciate all the heads up you guys give on issues you are seeing.
Emily of 2337, thank you for helping our new Rookie friends with their wiring. I know you had a lot of duties on the comp team, but really appreciate you digging in and helping that team out. Hopefully they take you up on your offer for the workshops next year.

Congratulations to 469, 245, and 4377 on a well fought victory. I wasn’t sure that you guys would be able to overcome the offensive potential of the #1 alliance, but you guys were phenomonal. I can’t wait to pay with/against you guys soon. (469, we will see at Bedford, and 245 we will see you again at MSC).

3539, 67, and 4810. What a high scoring alliance. you guys were the closest to Mi finally breaking the 200 barrier that seems to be elusive this year. I can’t begin to describe how much all 3 have improved from their first event. 4810, you guys continue to impress me with your scoring, but your next big growth opportunity is to learn how to play elims as an alliance member. 67, it was great to see the climber working, and I can’t wait to see you guys fully dialed in at MSC. 3539, you guys were realy good at Waterford, but WOW did you come back strong for Troy. Get ready for some tough defense at MSC.

217, congrats on a well deserved EI. You folks certainly are an inspiration to the community, and thank you so much for the machine shop support you guys bring to competition. I know a lot of teams utilize this shop for critical repairs.

Last, but certainly not least 2337. Congratulations on Chairman’s. Your efforts the past few years have done so much towards improving not only your team, but the Michigan FRC community. It is really neat to see the teams that have attended your workshops do so well this year.

Thanks to all the volunteers. We love coming to Troy, it’s always an awesome competition with great people and great teams.

Thanks to 3539 for selecting us. I’m sure it was a tough decision to pick us over 469. Hopefully we played up to expectations. It was a blast to be on an alliance with you, maybe we can do it again sometime soon…

Thanks to 4810 for being a great alliance partner. I know playing full-back for us was not glamorous and didn’t really take advantage of all your strengths…but that’s what we thought would give our alliance the best chance.

To **2851, 3302, and 4819 **- You guys were way to good to be the #8 alliance. I couldn’t believe the score was so close that first match. Great job!

To** 216, 1188, and 68 **- you guys made it really tough on us to get any type of rythem going. Very tough defense.

Congratulations to 469, 245, and 4377 I knew the time would come when we would have to step up our scoring against you guys, while dealing with an 84" blocker.

To 469 you guys are always great to hang out with. Such an awesome machine. I didn’t think anyone was going to be capable of hanging with an open full court shooter, but you guys took us down in an epic match 73. 154-146 in a qualification match…really??

To 245 what a great offesive machine. I think you guys really stole the show in the finals. Great driving and great scoring.

To 4377 in all our matches you guys were the only ones that were able to effectively block us. Even in the qualification match against you, you deflected the most shots. 84" is a really tall and hard to shoot over. We’re going to have to re-think our strategy to avoid something like that again.

Congrats to 217 for their Engineering Inspiration. You guys are awesome. Keep working on that climber! HOT loves the Thunderchicks!

Congratulations to 2337 on the District Chairman’s award. You could really tell how much hard work has gone into your submission just by looking at the your teams reaction and emotions when they announced it. That was a really, really cool video!

I love going to competitions just to talk with all the people there… I was awesome seeing you…Mike, Paul, Isaac, Jim, Dave, Carolyn, Rob, Marjie, Dan, Jason, Gary, Craig,…and anyone else that I am forgetting.

Thank you for the kind mention Adam. You and all the finalist give the rest of us something to ‘shoot’ for :slight_smile:

The reason we love the Troy event is the great teams and volunteers that are always there. They all embody the best that FIRST can be. I would especially like to thank the inspectors who took the time to help us with our electrical issues and make sure we always made it to the field.

That was the 2nd highest qualification match total in all of FIRST this year so far! Indeed – epic match! :slight_smile:

For reference:

Troy- what a fantastic event.
I remember our first year in the competition back in 2011.
3539, 1718 and 2586 made it through the semifinals in three incredible matches against 33, 217, and 440 before falling to the mighty alliance of 469, 2337 and 3548 in three nail-biting matches. What a thrill to be competing with some of the greatest teams in FIRST again this year.
67, you guys were fantastic alliance partners. I hope that we can team up again- you really fired it up!
4810, thanks for the help. The first year is tough and you guys are a shining example of a team with great things ahead of them.
469, 245, and 4377, congratulations on your well-deserved win. It was an honor playing against you.
I look forward to seeing all of these stellar teams at the Michigan State Championship!