Truck Town Thunder Facebook

So our media group wants Truck Town Thunder to go viral, to start this they have issued us a challenge. This challenge is to get 1000 Facebook likes by Thursday, 12/13/12! So go like it up CD community!! Here is the link:

Good luck!

Like for like :slight_smile:


I’ve liked and shared your page from our team page. You guys can find/like our page at!/Team2068TheMetalJackets :smiley:

Thanks, guys!

Is this thread turning into a general team facebook thread?

If you want it to be! Post your team up, and we can talk about it/like it up!

I can also get in contact with our admin to share your page.

Let’s get this like fest started right …

I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble, but there’s already a dedicated thread for team Facebook pages:

Let’s go revive the old thread!!