Truss-Style Pit

Team #3075 honoring the 2014’s game with a truss style pit design :

Come visit us at the Israel regional starting tomorrow!

That is an amazing pit. I wish we had one of those.

Nice. Our pit uses truss too, but our truss is a bit larger. Truss pits for the win!

I would LOVE to have a pit that lovely! I would never be able to talk the other mentors into hauling it around from regional to regional, though. They give me a hard enough time when they have to carry just the banner stand :wink:

Very nice. :slight_smile:

Ohhhhh man, I should show you a picture of the box our pit comes in. Your other mentors would probably have a heart attack!

Is the box on wheels? We recently built a box on wheels to put the pit design elements in so they can wheel it around. I can get away with a lot when it is on wheels :wink:

Nice robot too. Reminds me of skystalker.

Our pit was actually built by one of our sponsors, Skyline Exhibits, who does trade show exhibits for Intel and big companies like that. So our pit packs into one of their “crate 24” boxes. Which looks like this:

For reference, it’s about 5 feet tall and weighs about 100 lbs unloaded. With all our steel truss in there, it’s a bit of a monster. We’ve been working on alternative methods of transportation.

So jealous :slight_smile:

You guys are lucky to have such a great sponsor

They really are fantastic–they’ve made the pit, but also do powdercoating, 3D printing, and some CNC router work for us. And I’m doing an internship there later this spring. It just goes to show that you can find world-class sponsors in all sorts of different places-- they might not be able to give you a dime, but they can still be awesome sponsors.

So true!

Regional sponsors rather than national and international sponsors have been the best to us.

I’ve been lucky enough to form some good relationships with our mentors and I have really learned a lot…maybe one day I’ll be able to help change some lives like our mentors have