Try This!!!!

Has anyone ever went to google web search where everything is spell backwards? If not, here’s a trick.
Go to google web search and spell google backwards (elgoog) and choose than elgooG.
Trust me, it works.

That is so weird how did u figure this out


Why would someone even do that? :confused: :ahh:

Haha - thats weird.

I was borad one day and tried new things out. :yikes:

Wonder what the results for the word ***radar ***would be?? :rolleyes:

I knith that si yllaer looc

I think that is really cool. sorry I got into the backwards spelling thing


I just changed (temporarily) my homepage to that. Since I’m not the only one who uses this computer this could be fun! :wink:

hahahahah!!! thats brilliant XD the scary thing is… i was reading it just fine before i realized everything was backwards

Someone had way too much free time…

Been around for a while and seen it before, but still, the elgooG thing is pretty cool… Maybe not very practical, but cool… :stuck_out_tongue: