Trying to build but missing cmd.exe?

When I try to build or deploy, this happens. I can open and run cmd.exe just fine, but can’t build.

Does your path have c:\windows\system32 on it (search for environment variables in start menu)? That may also be caused by aggressive virus protection software like malware bytes. Is this a school machine or something similarly locked down?


i don’t have malware bytes install. This is my personal computer

cmd.exe itself shouldn’t be on the path, the folder containing cmd.exe (system32) should be. Note after editing it you need to restart vscode for it to see it.

What Anti-virus do you have running on your computer?

Look at the logs of your AV product and see if it is preventing winpty. That is the mechanism that VS Code uses for the terminal connections. Highly likely that is what is preventing things from executing (assuming of course you used the WPILIb installer to get your environment setup).

Yup, this was it. I accidentally deleted my path a while back and never added system32 back in.

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