Trying to find a short film online

I remember this cool short film I saw a while ago and want to find it again. Maybe one of you knows about it.

It was about a guy (live action) in this sort of virtual area where he was creating a small world, technically a beautiful village. It’s like he’s inside a CAD system designing the world around him. At first it’s all blue and then he “paints” on color, and the big thing he creates is a flower that looks all pretty. Finally a timer runs down and his sweetheart comes in marveling at the flower and buildings. At the end we see that the man was in a hospital and his sweetheart is sleeping in a bed, obviously injured. It’s clear that they both accessed the world with their mind and he made it to make her happy.

Anyone know the name or have a link? It was some indie short film and got some attention when it came out.

I did a little research. Turns out the youtube search terms “virtual world short film love” linked toward it.

I loved this video when I first saw it. So sad, yet so beautiful!

Thanks, that was it!