Trying to get my computer back...

Sorry for the random meaningless thread. However, I have almost completely got my system back to its somewhat original state after frying my hard drive. The only problem I can’t seem to fix is the ability to access all pages on the internet. There are many places that I can not go and some that will not load completely. These pages include the FIRST site, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Use different DNS servers…

Might help…

sorry, for my uninteligence… what is DNS?

domain name server, it’s what changes a domain name to an ip address

also, you might want to try an anonymous proxy


Ehh…I doubt it’s DNS. I use the same servers…works fine for me. It’s probably IE’s dumb little security thing. If the webpage isn’t hosted on IIS, it won’t let you view it or something :stuck_out_tongue: But go search for security levels and put them at a minimum.

Any other suggestions. I moved all of the security levels to low, and was still unable to access the FIRST page and others. I can’t even get the team page to load completely.

did you try an anonymous proxy? you can check out Sometimes the first site won’t show up there, because the server is not responding quickly enough.

also, i can’t ping, that might be causing a problem?

if you really need to see a site, there’s always google’s cache, but that’s no substitute for fixing your problem


That is really cool! I have never heard of those before! Thanks!:slight_smile:

Try going to …It is odd though that the site is un-pingable. I don’t know whether that would cause a problem. I think I remember you mentioning that you can’t get to That site is pingable, so maybe it’s still some other problem…

the thing didn’t work. I can get into the team page, but I can’t get the icon tab things on the left side to load to navigate through the site. I have to use the links at the bottom of the page. By the way, what the heck are you doing up this early? Did I miss a dropping of the A-Bomb?

With it’s probably just because our web team doesn’t know HTML. As for usfirst…try using netscape and see if it will load. It might just be an IE problem and not system wide.

make sure u have ur browser fully updated

can u load any pages? can u ping any websites?

its possible ur isp is having a problem see if anyone nearby with same service provider is having similar problems

u might want to try reinstalling ie

it might be how everything is set up. try to upgrade IE. you might have an older version. try d/l IE6. dumb question and all. but what ISP do you use? (INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER; AOL, Netzero etc…) or what would be your connection speed. I get with no problems. except when they change the site and pull it from the WWW world to upgrade. Anyways try upgrading your current version of Internet Explorer to Internet Explorer 6. umm. make sure all security levels are low and make sure someone didnt go on your comp and block the site / password protect it. can’t think of anything else.

Now what you can help me with is pinging a web site. how do you do that. I spent a year in cisco and was able to ping routers. never heard of pinging a web site. how do you ping a website?

open up the command prompt. type in

ping <website URL>

Ex.     ping

that works for windows, and i think linux (may be a different format, i’m not sure though).

well… isn’t in any DNS records (available to outsiders.) So you need to ping or

For some reason, there is still no ping response (even though their servers are obviously…) Not sure why pings would be blocked…Possibly to limit DOS attacks.

Epix (the local…sorta…ISP) doesn’t normally have problems so I doubt it’s that. Normally, the DNS service (or the entire DSL service) will die for a few minutes or hours…

*Originally posted by evulish *
**well… isn’t in any DNS records (available to outsiders.) So you need to ping or

For some reason, there is still no ping response (even though their servers are obviously…) Not sure why pings would be blocked…Possibly to limit DOS attacks.

Blocking ICMP packets (ping) is actually a pretty common practice. If you are using DSL, and if you are cursed with PPPoE (Point-To-Point Protocol over Ethernet) make sure your MTU is set to a sane value… 1490 ought to do it.

Thanks everyone for all of your help. After trying everything, I was able to give information to my ISP on what I could do and what my PC wouldn’t do. They were then able to create a patch for my computer. Come to find out it was a conflict within my IP address and my new OS (XP). I don’t know to much more about it , but it works now, and I can get into again! Thanks again for all of your help!:slight_smile: