Trying to get our custom DriverStation working

We just built a new DriverStation and we’re having problems getting all the buttons working on our button board.

On the DriverStation software on our laptop we can’t get it to use more than 11 buttons, I don’t know if it’s a limitation of the software or maybe our board we’re using to rig up our buttons.

Thanks, for any help.

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It’s a limitation of the space allocated in the command packet sent to the RIO for each that game controller.
Your button board looks like a single game controller to the laptop.

Yep, I didn’t guess it was a launchpad and it’s been awhile since I played with that and the different firmware setups.

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I’m certain this is incorrect. Our button panel (based on the TI launchpad that used to come in the kop) has button numbers going up to at least 19 (highest id in our code this year)

Also, the DS protocol includes a byte for number of buttons, followed by that many buttons.

To the OP:

What board are you using? Have you checked to see if windows is actually seeing that many buttons? Open the start menu, search for “Set up USB game controllers”, click on the device and click properties. That’ll show you what windows sees.

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We’re using an old ti launchpad, probably the same one you have. I’ll check settings in Windows tomorrow, thanks.

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The board is probably flashed with the 11 input firmware. There were 3 firmware versions with different amounts of inputs vs outputs, and one of them only has 11 inputs.

The wiki page is gone now but it’s on

Does anyone know how to get a copy of the gamepad tool that you use to flash the launchpads? It used to be included in the driver station package but isn’t anymore.

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Idk if I’d have any luck, but we might have the software on an old team laptop. We have a couple older systems we haven’t used in years, might still be on there.

Edit - maybe found it

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That looks like it can only flash and extract firmware, you still need the firmware file. I can try to extract the firmware from one of ours tonight and I can send it to you.

Edit: found the labview source of the game pad tool- it includes the hex files. You could try building the tool from source or you could use that flasher. Hex files are here:

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Thanks, this’ll really help.

what do you use to make your button board, I made a button board this year with a teensyduino 3.5 it went unused in competition, but i was able to get all 15 or 16 buttons working properly with some arduino code

Used the old ti launchpad, it used to come in the kit if I remember correctly. We were able to get 11 working, but have 15 wired up and mounted.

so i looked online for what each pin does on the ti launchpad you should probably be using 1.0 - 1.7 and 2.0 - 2.5, but i dont know enough about the ti launchpad to know for sure how it works as i have only used a teensyduino for button board
i might also be looking at the wrong version of the board so once again not sure

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