Trying to get "Simulate Robot Code on Desktop" to work with C++

Hi, I am trying to get the roborio simulator working on Windows 10. Spending many hours on this. I can see from the forum discussion “WPILIB rocks!” that some folks are having success with this.

I have successfully installed gradle and gradlew. Upgraded my wpilib install.

When I run “WPILib: Simulate Robot Code on Desktop” I get the following error in the “OUTPUT: WPILib Log”:
2019-02-17T21:51:17.583Z verbose: Found Java Home Version: 11 at C:\Users\Public\frc2019\jdk

2019-02-17T21:51:17.915Z verbose: no vendor examples found {“0”:“C:\Users\Public\frc2019\vendorexamples”}

2019-02-17T21:51:17.918Z verbose: Local GradleRIO Version 2019.3.2

2019-02-17T21:51:17.919Z verbose: Congratulations, your extension “vscode-wpilib” is now active!

2019-02-17T21:51:29.842Z verbose: executing command in workspace {“0”:{"_commandLine":“gradlew simulateExternalCpp“C:\Users\Public\frc2019\jdk””,"_options":{“cwd”:"\command_bot\command_robot",“env”:{“JAVA_HOME”:“C:\Users\Public\frc2019\jdk”},“executable”:“cmd.exe”,“shellArgs”:["/d","/c"]}},“1”:"\command_bot\command_robot"}

2019-02-17T21:51:33.973Z error: Debug error {“0”:{}}

Anyone resolved this already?
Also, if the simulator works, what happens? Can you enable the simulated roborio? What do you see. A pointer to basic screenshots would be great.

I was able to get past this problem by starting a fresh workspace and getting the latest WPI lib. I was able to build our robot to run on the Desktop.

Consider the issue resolved.

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