Trying to get the Pixy Cam to work with FRC dashboard

Hello this is the programming team from frc team 6408 and we are trying to get our Pixy Cam to work with the FRC dashboard. When connecting the Pixy Cam via USB to the Roborio and trying to get an image in the dashboard it gives the error

Too many simultaneous client output streams (MjpegServerImpl.cpp:504)

We are using the “Simple Vision” script that comes as an example project.

Any thoughts on how to help?

Are you using wpilib 2017.3.1?

Sorry to be blunt, but you can’t do that. If you want to view a video stream on your dashboard, you need to use a standard USB webcam. The pixy is specially designed so that it doesn’t send the roboRIO the image stream. It just sends the data about the target that it sees (xPos, yPos, width, height, etc.). If you need help with pixy processing, I would be glad to help, but if you just need to have a stream on your Driverstation, you should just use a standard webcam and the program that you were trying to get to work on the pixy.

You also cannot hook the pixy up to the roborio using usb. In case you didn’t see this thread…
It explains why you cannot.

We are doing exactly what Xanawatt suggested. Using a usb cam for drivers, and pixy(via i2c) for image processing.