Trying to jump to Onshape. Edit inserted parts

With the discussions about team using Onshape I’m trying to look at it for our team as well. I’m trying to break some of my habits from using Inventor and embrace Onshape. It has so many on up front advantages mostly from the Cloud Based environment and the endless parts libraries read to use.

The one trip up I keep finding myself at is how to edit a part in the assembly. I’m accustom to assembling parts and transposing features to other solids for example adding holes to a frame rail from a gearbox plate.

That also leads me too if I insert a configurable part using a public source from somewhere like the MKCad documents like a 30" Versachassis 1x2 .100 tube. How Can I add holes and other cut features to it? I don’t have a new part to edit but a link to the original creators configuration.

I’ve been working on my Onshape skills for AndyMark Fight Night, but since there’s no MKCad for corrugated cardboard I haven’t played with the configurable Versaframe tools.

If it’s something you’ve drawn, you can 100% edit the original part and the assembly updates shortly afterward. But like you, I couldn’t figure out how to poke my own holes into configured extrusions. I’m looking forward to finding this out.

I’m pretty sure what you’re looking for are derived parts. You do this in a part studio.

This’ll actually create a new part that you can edit.


TIL! Thank you for this. I’m hellbent on keeping the CAD mentality of the Pandamaniacs growing, and part of that is knowing what the heck I’m doing too. :slight_smile:

Derive from MKCAD or any other library into a part studio and edit as you please!

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Gonna be honest, deriving from the versaframe into a configuration basically means your standard drive base can become effectively a couple button clicks to generate drawings and BOM. Love it.

Or make it a single featurescript with a few inputs and one click…

Eh, truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of featurescript. It’s powerful but I feel for most things it’s too much effort.

Once you’ve put in the input cost of learning how to do it (where I’m at), building them is pretty simple. It took countless hours for me to get to where I am now with Featurescript, but I’ve already sunk that cost so here we are.

That said, most featurescripts could be done 99% as well in a configuration or part studio with variables for less than 50% the effort. Guess I’m bad at math.

Can you clarify what you mean here? Are you saying you can make it so that in a couple of button clicks you can generate a drivetrain with custom dimensions, complete with BOM and drawings?

That’s kinda what I’ve found. I’ve built a few featurescript things and have mostly found that it’s easier to work with config variables in part studios to get what I want.

That is exactly what I’m saying. It would take some set up but it’s well within the capabilities of onshape.

I think my issue I’m having now with the Derive work flow is hole spacing. The sample document I’m testing in (Recreating our 2019 Robot) Deriving the basic frame rails has the hole pattern centered. Maybe we are doing it wrong but we attempted to start with a whole hole on one end and let the possible cut off end to the same side of the robot to keep one common edge we can allway refer to as ZERO.

As simple as it is to draw and extrude the 1x2 tubing and pattern the hols in later making your own in a part studio seem to be a bit more simple. I image after a few years of continued use and learning how to use the tools the derive option might make more sense. For now I spent far more time trying to find a way to make it work vs creating my own object and moving forward.

The other thing about Derive is after watching this video it is advised to NOT use Derive because it is a performance drain.

As for how to edit a part using features of another part using “Edit in Context”

Yeah this is very easy to do with the frc extrusions featurescript and some variables. Took me an hour to setup

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