Trying to reach the TechnoTicks (FRC 236)

At Nationals 2007, we borrowed a couple of extra batteries from the TechnoTicks not knowing what to expect during Newton eliminations. Of course, we got these from some students on the team who were breaking down the pit, not mentors. When we tried returning them after Einstein, the pits were pretty much entirely empty. The batteries faded into our travel boxes, and were slowly forgotten…

Then we found them again at the beginning of the 2008 season! So of course, we want to get these batteries back to 236 as soon as possible, because we have had them for far too long. I’ve emailed their head mentor at his school email address, but still haven’t received a reply. Does anyone have contact info for someone on the team? Also, will they be at the Suffield Shakedown Scrimmage? Any help would be appreciated.

Chris Marra - 177

There are quite a few TechnoTicks on the forums. You should be able to contact them that way.