Trying to Remove Mini-CIM from Toughbox; Wheels Stuck

In an attempt to cut down on weight, we have decided to remove the additional Mini-CIM motor from each of our four Toughbox Minis. We tried to pull our 8" mecanum wheels off the toughbox axles to no avail. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Thanks in advance!

Both the AndyMark and VexPro are supported on the shaft by two hubs, one on each side of the plates/bodies. If the two hubs become misaligned to each other (axes not parallel or axes parallel but not coincident), they can jam on the shaft. You might try loosening the screws that hold the hubs onto the plates/bodies.

We have had similar problems getting shafts into the new clamping gearboxes and bearing blocks. The shaft is a slip fit onto the bearings leaving very little tolerance for misalignment between the two bearings.

Get a pulley puller. Your local hardware store should have a variety of options. If you can, bring the whole TB/wheel assembly to the store so you can find something that will be the right size.