Trying to Scale the Portcullis

We were partially successful…

Week 0 autonomous mode testing can be interesting

So which time was this one? The first, the 4th, or something in between? :stuck_out_tongue:

I get the feeling that some shields are going to be climbed at regionals.

In case anybody’s wondering, this is NOT a Tortuga, as they simply waited for auto to end, then reversed and went about the rest of the game.

Ah, implementing 2-wheel/bumper drive, I see.

Very impressive, 4276, very impressive

Hah – yeah, yeah. We hadn’t implemented our yaw rate correction code in autonomous quite yet (also, we discovered one of the 6 CIMs in our drive may have had a loose connection).

At least we didn’t bash straight through the portcullis like our friends from Team 5869

It appears your bumper numbers are not legal. Numerals must be white, or outlined in white. Also, it looks to me like there is an extra ‘stroke’ in there that make it look like a lower case i before the 7. Looks sort of like 42i16 to me.

True. These were makeshift. That is a scrap of old t-shirt.
Sidenote: our new shirts do not have that extra stroke, so it looks like 4276.

I remember at suffield shakedown, at least one team slammed into the portcullis during auto and knocked the whole thing over.

That’s what I call damaging the defenses.

Same here… Didn’t get the hooks in exactly :o

Wouldn’t this get a foul? I assume this would be violating bumper rules as the bumpers would be too high. I’m just thinking that because of all the discussion about climbing sideways in the first week of build season.

Silly me. When I first saw the picture, I thought it was another bumper question.

But if you imagined placing the robot flat on the ground, the bumpers are still legal. Otherwise, all the Dukes of Hazzard would probably be in violation.