Trying to start new teams in our area


My team (4183) are trying to start FLL and FTC teams around our area, since there aren’t many in the area, and only like two in the school district. We’ve been emailing schools in the area but we’ve only got one school who responded that was interested. I’m wondering for other teams that have started teams in their area, what was your experience like? How many schools were interested out of how many you contacted?



You will have a better response if you demo your robot (and possibly Lego bot) to elementary and middle school. You have to take school principal permission, you can contact them directly or through science/math or tech teacher. Get same parents involved so they can work with schools.



Part of our letter to principals have been an offer to demo our robot. No one has taken us up on it so far.



With our team (young tho we are) we have worked with the district to establish new teams. This is our preferred route so that we do not have to worry about principles or teachers and waiting on approval. So far, after 2 months of working with our district, we have demoed the robot 4 times, and have 11 more demos scheduled prior to the end of the school year. It gets kids excited, and then gets parents involved. Teachers hop on board and with them, principles. This system is optimal because it makes teachers look REALLY good to the school system and in turn they want to work to build/improve the team.

Just my $0.02

Edit: School District is what I mean by district, sorry for any confusion



What position did you contact?



If you can’t get a response from the principal, maybe try to set up a meeting? or even go higher on the totem pole? A major obstacle I found was funding for all sorts of material and registration costs. Maybe try fundraising to be able to donate the materials from your team. Good Luck!



Your friends in Tucson and Vail are starting 6 new FRC and 5 new FTC along with a handful of FLL programs over the next few years. Try contacting your neighboring teams we do run the Robotics Alliance of Southern Arizona and have contacted you guys a few time about joining but haven’t gotten any response.



Could you PM me what email you sent it too? I’ll inquire about it at the next meeting.