[TSD]: San Diego Battle At the Border Offseason

Is there any official info/flyer out on it? If so, where is it? Can we enter two robots in the event? Are you requiring strict rules compliance (like the wieght limit?) How will finals picking work? Thanks.

I don’t believe there is an official flyer yet. Expect something soon though.

Location: Madison HS (Same as last year)
Dates: May 19-20 (May 19 is the night of the lock-on, May 20 is the competition)
Cost: $200 per robot for the competition, $50 per robot for the lock-in

Other than that there are no more details available.

I can’t attach the flyer since it’s bigger than 100kb, but PM me and I’ll send it to you through email or something.
The flyer should be uploaded on our website within the next few days (www.midnightmechanics.org)… along with most of the details.
We just uploaded the registration form on the website, and you can also find it at:
http://midnightmechanics.org/content/teamdocuments/BattleattheBorderRegistration.pdf .

Lock-in check-in is between 6:00 pm and 11:00 pm
Scrimmage starts at 7am to 4pm, although SD teams should be planning to stay afterwards to clean up.

It will still be held at:
Madison High School Gym 4833 Doliva Dr. San Diego, CA 92117

Hope to see many teams there!

Thank you for posting this. It always helps to get a heads up!

Why is it that I don’t see anymore posts for Battle at the Border???
I was hoping to see more of an annual thing here but maybe it didn’t go so well or maybe everyone is just too busy these days.
I’m interested in helping put something together if there are others out there…

I believe the problem was that San Diego kept catching on fire, causing them to cancel the event for the last two years. It was certainly fun when they did have it, and I hope it can be resurrected.

We are currently working on getting an off-season together down here. We are exploring some format changes and hopefully we’ll have details hammered out before IRI.