TTL Issues

We’ve been told by a 3rd year team in our country that they had a problem with thier CMU cam last year and they figured out it was because of the TTL, because it was loose one the pins it was connected to(on the RC). Before we attempt to weld it or hot glue, is sticking it properly to the RC the right thing to do?

It helps immensely, but only if it’s already making proper contact. The idea is to check to make sure it’s working, then hot glue it into place. The main problem is simply that it wiggles loose from vibration and simple working on the wries near it. Hot gluing the adapter just helps keep it in place.

:smiley: Oh, wow! That’s really important you told me this

beacause it doesn’t work!:yikes: :mad: :eek: :ahh:

All the PWM wires to and from the camera seem to fall out. We’re going to make sure we tie down everything when we’re actually in competition. :slight_smile:

The sides of the camera frame have slots that seem designed for fastening pwm cables to.