TTL Ports

I need to know some stuff about the TTL ports on the bot controller:
Does it have a buffer?
Data bits?
Stop bits?

All of that can be set in the initialize UART function…Look in the .h files (and in UART.h…it may be USART.h)…There you can find definitions for each option.


For information like this, the PIC18F8520 manual is your best friend.

Start on page 199 of the pdf (197 in the actual manual).

The Tx and Rx pins of the TTL port are wired directly to the RX2 and TX2 (I’m pretty sure it’s USART2) pins on the pic, so you can get all your info from the manual.

no buffering.
no parity
no BCC
8 or 9 data bits (configurable)
baud:configurable to jsut about anything you want
1 stop bit(i think)

See the datasheet for the pic18f8520 for more info. Btw the compiler has built in libraries for using the serial port. See the compiler lirbrary reference guide for more info on that. Btw its “USART2”.