Tubbing problem

How do you creat tubbing in Inventor? I really need to figure out how so I will be able to finish of my team’s CAD drawing.

spelling error

Are you having trouble with the tub or the jets? :smiley:

What kind of tubing are you trying to create? Please be more specific.

It is 1/4" PVC pipe. We use it to make a circular “ramp” inside our helix. I also need help with rubber band like material used for the conveyor and the wires.

I think your best bet for the helix is the “coil” feature. The initial sketch is the same as if you were revolving it (axis and circle dimensioned so it is the correct radius away. Then define the variables (which are pretty self-explanatory) and you have a helix. It will be a bit tricky to constrain, so make sure that you are centered on the origin so you can constrain with work planes.

Inventor is really no good for the flexible materials, so the best bet is to make a profile path in a 2D or 3D sketch and then sweep the correct profile. For this you need two sketches, one for the profile (from what it sounds like, just a circle), and another for the path (be it 2D or 3D)