TubeMagic toggle clamp replacement?

Over the past couple of years we’ve used and abused our Ozzy Boards TubeMagic quite a bit. At this point, over half of the toggle clamps are damaged in some way. To my knowledge, this is entirely user error (not correctly adjusting the depth of the extension for some, dropping heavy things on others) so I’m not looking for a free replacement or anything. I was wondering if there were specific part numbers or sources for the toggle clamps on the TubeMagic that anybody had used to replace theirs.


Most of ours broke over normal use. They wear super easily. I believe you can get more on the Ozzyboards website: TubeMagic Fixture V2 - Ozzy Boards - a pack of 4 is like $24.

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We bought our replacement toggle clamps from Amazon last year (we were referred to Amazon by Ozzy Boards) See XRPAOWA 4 PCS Toggle Clamp 301AM; however, it seems like it is no longer available from Amazon (although I’ve not done a complete search); this listing does have detailed dimensions. I also did a quick search on eBay, and you may want to consider it: eBay listing here.


Thanks for your help! That eBay listing has “GH-301-AM” in the name, and if you search for that on Amazon, you get:

These appear to be the same thing, so we’ll be trying them.

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If you can afford it, I recommend purchasing from OzzyBoards, it would be great to continue supporting a small business right now.

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It looks like Ozzy Boards only offers the option for extra toggle clamps if you buy a new TubeMagic, am I missing something? We’re buying a bunch of endmills soon so it would actually be more convenient to buy from them too.


Fair warning, we purchased a considerable number of amazon replacement clamps like the ones linked, and had probably a 50%+ immediate failure rate. We gave up on the Tube Magic mid-season because we couldn’t keep throwing money away on garbage toggle clamps and did a vice setup with a hard stop.

Can you clarify what you mean by immediate failure rate? The toggle clamps that came with the TubeMagic lasted at least one full season, then with new operators we had some issues with adjusting the screws on the rubber clamping bit to not overextend, which after a few uses destroyed the rubber pieces. The bending seems to only have happened in transport between build sites this summer.

Are you saying the ones you picked up from Amazon failed more easily than the ones that initially came with the TubeMagic, or did you have trouble with your clamps from the beginning? I’m only asking because if I had to guess I would have said that all of these (the eBay ones, the Amazon ones, and the originals) likely come from the same factories and are just rebranded, so it’s surprising to me to see a significant quality difference.

Literally the first time we clamped a tube with the Amazon ones, they failed in a way we only saw after prolonged use of the ones that came with the Tube Magic. I’m guessing this was due to sub-standard product from the Amazon seller, but it was build season and frankly we didn’t have the time to track down someone selling ones that would actually last (or just dump a few hundred dollar and accept the failure rate) when we had a robot to machine.


Friendly reminder to thank your FRC COTS suppliers for doing the legwork for you here.