Tuesday 8pm Eastern - Teacher Takeover Debate - Back to School Planning for FIRST Teams - Take from FUN Trivia $140 (doubler special)

What is the plan for your team and school to get your FIRST program back in action? Join us on Tuesday August 11th at 8pm eastern to discuss and debate plans, options and pathways for your team to get the most of this upcoming season.

Live: Twitch
Archived: youtube.com/firstupdatesnow and on podcast under FirstUpdatesNow

Take from FUN trivia will be doubled to $140 as you take on Kristine, Justin and Mike! DM Firstupdatesnow on Twitch or Tyler on Discord with your phone number to be called.

Kristine, Justin and Mike are all FIRST alumni and teachers at different levels to help provide their perspective on getting back to school and how your FIRST team can collaborate and work as a team during COVID.

While we are all friends we share different opinions and options on how to best get back to the new normal.

Have an opinion you want to share? Post here or live on air!

Also on Wednesday 8pm eastern: Containment Design CAD Challenge. Check out the awesome submissions of the this challenge. Manual Link


About to start with these awesome teachers! Join for a chance to win $140 with take from FUN! If you want to play dm firstupdatesnow your phone number! https://twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow

Thank you to those who watched and contributed live. Lot’s of insightful discussions on options to running your FIRST team next season. Kristine, Justin and Mike who are all teachers provided multiple perspectives.

Catch the archive at https://youtu.be/H1PNPlZRhAc or on Podcast under FirstUpdatesNow

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