How many people on here have a FIRST related Tumblr? I see some first related posts there, but would love to have a consolidated list of First related blogs.

I just found this one first-ers.tumblr.com

I have a Tumblr but it’s more art related (I post up faved DA Deviations) than FIRST related. I do post things about FIRST every once in a while.

Team 1735, The Green Reapers have a Tumblr at http://team1735.tumblr.com

EWCP has one. I think we all forgot it existed though.

It’s not mine, but I think you’d be interesting in the meme-based FIRSTer Falcon.

Team 3647’s :smiley:
Updated often with build season documentation.

EagleForce FIRST Team 2073s’ Tumblr.

also, I have a Tumblr, and although it’s not entirely about FIRST, I do post about my team quite a bit :stuck_out_tongue: