Tune in - RSN Spring Conferences, Presented by WPI This Week!

RSN is hyped to be launching the Spring Conferences, Presented by WPI this week! This is one of the largest streaming projects we’ve undertaken since our founding in 2014, and we want to thank our partner WPI for working with us to make happen!

This week from Tuesday through Saturday from 2 PM - 8 PM ET, RSN is bringing some great presentations by more than 20 great presenters.

Take a look at the full schedule; we’ve got excellent team mentors, Karthik’s Effective FIRST Strategies talk, Judge Advisors, members of the WPILib development team, Woodie Flowers Award winners, and even a look at Infinite Recharge with Jamee from FIRST!

All of the presentations will be uploaded to RSN’s YouTube, but we’ve reserved time at the end of each presentation for live Q&A with the guests, so be sure to watch live to get your questions answered on air!

Watch live at twitch.tv/robosportsnetwork, or youtube.com/robosportsnetwork.


Today’s lineup for the conference! Watch on our Twitch or YouTube starting at 2 PM ET.

If you have questions for the presenters but can’t make it live, post them below and we’ll try to answer them on air!


These sessions have been pretty good so far! Looking forward to the remainder of the week (who needs to get work done!)


I’ve been listening in and taking notes on all these things today and THESE ARE SO HELPFUL OH MY GOODNESS!!! Even though I’m no programmer or mechanical person yet, It’s really helping me get more insight on their perspectives. Thank you to all the presenters and RSN for hosting! I highly suggest you all tune in!


It’s day two of the conferences! Watch on Twitch or YouTube starting at 2 PM ET.

If you have questions for the presenters but can’t make it live, post them below and we’ll try to answer them on air, especially for our talk with Jamee from FIRST!!


The spring conference sessions have been awesome so far! I am especially excited for A Look Behind the Scenes at FRC Game Design tonight at 6 PM ET. It will be really neat to see how Infinite Recharge came to be the game that it is!

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Thanks so much for having me on today @Francis-134! It was a great experience and I really loved being able to talk about sales within FRC.

I highly recommend checking out the rest of the presentations coming up over the next couple days!

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If you’re not watching the stream you need to jump on RIGHT NOW. Jamee Luce is discussing the process of developing Infinite Recharge and it is fascinating.


If you missed it, VOD is up here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rg_Vvh3x6w

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Day three brings us FOUR conferences today, starting off with a presentation by the NEFIRST Lead Judge Advisor on the FRC Judging Process, and ending with the man who put the Andy in Andymark, Andy Baker!

Watch on Twitch starting at 2 PM ET!

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!q Does a “Chairman’s Award rubric” exist? /s


Don’t miss out on Karthik’s beloved presentation on Effective FIRST Strategies! We promise you’ll be able to find a seat this year!

Watch on the RSN Twitch channel starting at 2 PM ET!


Just to make sure no one misses it, you can find Karthik’s presentation online now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJYv7uxXMn0


The final day of the RSN Spring Conferences, Presented by WPI is upon us! We’ve got a killer schedule today, staring off with Mike Corsetto on Goal Setting, a panel of five Championship Woodie Flowers Award winners, a look at how teams can use Onshape to design their robots, and a blockbuster panel taking a look back at the first season without a bag day.

Everything kicks off at 2pm ET, watch live and send in your questions at twitch.tv/robosportsnetwork


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