Tuners for cable TV drop at Houston?

What tuners have teams had success with?

We have been trying to use a IVIEW 3200STB-A with no success.

edit: just kidding, we’re now picking up channels after finding nothing all morning. very weird.

edit2: aaaaaand no signal when we try to actually watch the channels.

Hauppauge WinTV QuadHD 1609 working great in the 696 pit. Going to attempt to have all divisions simultaneously streaming by tomorrow.

For anyone wanting a USB WinTV cable Tuner, Microcenter has them and is local.

You can save time with Microcenter by ordering online. They’ll pull the items for you can have them waiting at the will call desk on the left hand wall of the store. Saves time hunting things.

I was hoping to use one of these in St. Louis:

Mediasonic Homeworx HW180STB

Anyone using one in Houston who can confirm that it works?

Well that’s good to know. We bought 2 of these specifically for St. Louis. It looks like I better get a ‘backup’ plan in place just in case.

Newton’s encoder is down. We are seeing server.com logo. If anyone at the event who has influence on this is reading, please fix the stream. Thanks!

This might be a dumb question, but can you just use a relatively new tv to get all the channels?

Yes. Check to make sure the specs say “QAM” somewhere. Most TV’s made after 2007 should have a QAM tuner.

We are wondering the same thing as I have 2 that we will be bringing to STL. The user manual states that is uses QAM64, so I have my fingers crossed. As a backup, we’ll have an original HDHomeRun and a WinTV-HVR-950 that I have laying around.

For people using USB tuners on windows, what software applications are you using?
And any config/settings were required to set it up?

Trying to prep for STL.

I didn’t do much research, but NextPVR works with my Hauppauge USB tuner and is free. I didn’t feel like looking for the CD that has the WinTV serial key that came with the tuner.

I know that VLC can access a TV tuner card. I don’t have a TV tuner card and my team isn’t going to championships, so I haven’t been able to test it.

Yea I actually tried to get this to work. The UI for capture devices isn’t very intuitive. Looks like you need to know the frequencies of each channel you want to tune into.

Anyone have any experience using VLC for QAM channels? Or have a link to a guide?

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