Tuning PID from drivers station

I have a PIDController in our app and know that there is a (relatively) simple way to push the PID parameters to the driver’s station in order to be able to tweak the parameters without re-downloading the code after every change. The PIDController implements Sendable and does show up in the “Variables” tab in the LiveWindow section, but the parameters aren’t editable. What do I need to do? Which Dashboard do I need to use?

Help! I know there is a simple solution for this.

I think you’re looking for “livewindow” test mode:

As mentioned, you can run LiveWindow Test Mode to get write access to the PID parameters that are automatically put there.

If you want access outside of test mode, you can use SmartDashboard.putData() to put the PID controller somewhere else on the dashboard. Items put with putData() can be written at any time.