Turkish FRC Team Rescues dog from 70-m well


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"The puppy was recovered in a 70-meter-deep sounding well in Dereseki Village of Beykoz in Istanbul. The new home of your dog, called Well, is the Beykoz Group of Istanbul firefighting. After the health check, Beykoz Group owned Kuyu with the support of animal lovers.

He was struggling for 10 days to save the dog, who fell about 30 centimeters in diameter and 70 meters in depth.

In the Derekeki neighborhood, the citizens who heard the voice of the dog falling in the water well were informed that the FRC Robotics Team of Bahcesehir Science and Technology High School, who supported 11 days of rescue work, managed to remove the animal from its place.

The high school students who participated in the robotic arm for the dog rescue operation falling in the drilling well recorded their work with the cameras."