Turn off outlining?

I just updated to Inventor 11, I was using 10 because our FIRSTbase registration was all messed up. So when I open my robot assembly, all of the parts are outlined in white (all the edges). Is there a way to turn this off? It just looks bad and hurts my eyes…


On the top bar near the right is a group of buttons: perspective/orthogonal, shadows, and one for wireframe/solid. its just to the left of the material selection drop down box. Check that to make sure you don’t have the middle solid plus wireframe selection selected.

I tried that - everything is normal. When you zoom in it looks ok - every edge is just white. With fairly complex parts with a lot of edges (like the AM wheels), when zoomed out, it just looks like a big clump of white lines…

Tools>Application Options>Display - unckeck edge display. But something doesn’t sound right as the usual edge display is black not white so I’m not sure exactly what you are seeing unless someone has been fooling around with the defaults. There is a color swatch selection next to the checkbox for edge display.

Thanks I’ll try that. Nobody messed with it, its on my laptop, and I literally JUST updated last night. As soon as I opened up my assembly, I noticed it. If that doesn’t work, I’ll post a picture of what I’m seeing.

[quote=JD Mather;558754the usual edge display is black not white[/QUOTE]I’m pretty sure it all depends on the material the part is made out of.

I haven’t really noticed this in assemblies yet. Maybe that’s because I got used to seeing it in the individual parts before I went for assemblies. Fortunately, they aren’t there when you render :D.[/quote]

Nope. Try it. Default is black.

Strange, I’ve always seen white edges.

Next to the Edge Display option in Application Options, there are another check box and a color box. If the check box is checked, edges are shown in the color chosen in the color box. By default, the color box is black. If the check box is unchecked, the edges are shown in white.

So white is default, and black is default when edges are colored.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how you can get pink edges…there you go. :slight_smile:

Depends on the Color Scheme you use. Tools>Application Options>Colors tab - try changing color scheme to Sky or Presentation. The edge display color will change. If you checkmark the box on the Display tab the default is black.

Interesting. I made a part, and by changing the part material on the dropdown, it changed the outline color.

Thanks…I’ve figured it out. I like it better without the edge box checked…

I have been having the same problem with drawing the 6" traction wheels from andymark. It still has some work but this will definitely speed up the process.