Turn your shirt collection into a quilt!

You have a lot of robotics shirts. They’re taking up an entire drawer or part of your closet or in extreme scenarios you can no longer find your cat. I can help you. I recently opened an Etsy shop and would love to turn your space-consuming treasure into a functional piece that keeps you warm while still letting you show off your hard-earned collection.

Here are some quilts I’ve made before:

How you can get a quilt
If you found yourself thinking, “wow those are amazing” or “I wish my closet wasn’t half-full of just robotics shirts” then here’s what you do:

  1. Go to my Etsy shop: Little Dog Robotics
  2. Pick what type of quilt you want
  3. Use code ROBOT10 through the month of April to get 10% off*
  4. Mail me your shirts
  5. Dream about how awesome your quilt will look in your dorm/apartment/living room/bedroom/workshop/etc.
  6. Receive your quilt within a few weeks
  7. Enjoy your cozy new blanket and figure out what to do with the other half of your closet

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More about quilts

Standard listings can accommodate:
Throw: 12-20 shirts
Twin: 20-35 shirts
Queen: 25-48 shirts

Larger quilts and/or quilts with more shirts are welcome but require custom listings.

Traditional Quilts are 3 layer quilts: Tee shirt top, cotton batting (what makes it warm), cotton backing. Trad quilts can be used as light comforters and are generally heavier.
Fleece Quilts are 2 layer quilts: Tee shirt top, fleece backing (fleece makes it warm). Fleece quilts are lighter and more dexterous - making them great blankets to take on trips or around the house.


Bummer I won’t be home until August but finally something to do with some of my shirts collecting dust :sweat_smile:

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