Turning it to 11... Auto Balls

With all the down news recently, we decided to turn it to 11. Enjoy!



I think my reaction was about the same as the people in the video.


Let me quickly check Blue Alliance… oh thank goodness we won’t be competing against you guys.


And this is why we’ll see the shield generator energized in quals by Week 4


No cap


Really hope this gets the word out about 836! Had the pleasure of meeting these guys in 2008 when my old team (11) unfortunately faced them in elims at both our regionals. Back then I thought they had a killer robot, and seeing what they are now amazes me. Great work @tim-tim and crew!


On a more serious note, really excited you guys did this. Top notch people and looks like you all are filling out your space just fine.


If there are events left by then



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Turret on a swerve gang :slight_smile:

Seriously good job, it worked the first time, right?


In this video, anyway. We’ve been tweaking the shoot on the move sequences for a couple days.

Get the rat fixed? Looked pretty brutal from the webcast.

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Excellent job! Kudos to the whole team! You’ve all put in incredible hours! Hopefully we can get that beast on a field!

Wash your hands!


This really is one of the most complex machines we have built. It is definitely worthy of the name Maverick. Way to be the tip of the spear! I can’t wait to see it on the field.

It’s been energized to Max twice in Plano

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That was the coolest thing I’ve seen this season!


Set the qualifacation highscore our next match :wink:

This means a lot to us, we’ve seen some pretty cool things so far.

That’s what I get for only watching the twitch clip. Congrats!

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That was amazing!!! I’m in shock.

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It’s time to buzz the tower!


I’ve received a few offline questions:

What swerve are you using WCP, SDS, custom?

We are using the WCP BLDC Swerve. @R.C and the rest of WCP made one helluva module.

How do you handle the steel bumps?

We send it thru the rendezvous zone.

Why did you use swerve?

JVN captured 148’s reasons and our story is pretty similar. We developed a custom swerve in the off season and like what abilities it gave us, especially in autonomous. We didn’t have as much drive time on it as we would have liked, but were confident enough that we decided that as long s the game/field didn’t prevent swerve drive benefits or capabilities, we would use swerve. Using COTS saved a tremendous amount of design and manufacturing resources during the build season.

Any recommendations before taking on swerve?

Beating a dead horse, but do it in the off season for the first time.
Also make sure you are ready to design with fewer motors at your disposal. Intake, Hopper, turret, shooter, climb, and control panel with 7 motors was a challenge,mechanically.

How did you use motors?

  • 8x Falcons Drive
  • 1x Intake
  • 1x Hopper/Feed/Prime (what a challenge)
  • 2x Climb
  • 2x Shooter
  • 1x Turret that PTO’s to Control Panel
    (Last PDP slot was for custom circuit)

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.