Turning On Robot Router

So, I know that we are not allowed to do any build on the robot after bagging. What I am wondering is if we can turn on the router? I want to fix some problems with our wifi connections, and to do that I need to turn the router on.

Is the router on the robot, sealed in the bag?

If your router is in the bag then no you cannot turn it on. “hands Off” would mean not turning on the power switch even if you could do it without opening the bag. If your router is outside the bag then you can do anything you want with. It is cots so it does not even go against you fabricated parts weight limit.

If your router is not in the bag with the robot, then that should be okay. If the router is in the bag, then it will have to wait. there are special rules regarding opening the bag before attending 2 day district events (section 5.6 in the administrative manual) but that won’t help you if you aren’t attending district events. In any case, somebody at your event will probably be able to help you.

Once it’s in the bag, you can’t interact with it. You can’t look at it. You can’t measure it. You can’t sniff it.

Unless if you need to do a quick demo that’s less than 4 hours - but no fixing if it gets broken somehow.

Wouldn’t the robot need to be powered in order for the router to be on anyway? Meaning you would bagged your robot with a battery inside…

Keep in mind when you are at the event, it will be required that you update your router with the encryption for that event. Which means, while at the event you will not be able to connect wirelessly to your robot, you’ll need to tether it. If you have any questions on how that works, find a CSA (orange hats) or ask a robot inspector (yellow hats) for help.

At the competition, the router will be reset and configured for the competition. There is not much you can do to “fix it” that won’t be undone.

If your problem is with the Driver Station, then the CSA’s (orange hat guys) and FTA’s at the event are great at helping with that.

Some of the yellow hats, when confronted with more than a basic control system problem, will instinctively look for the nearest orange hat. I suggest going straight to the orange hats, saves some time.

Alright, I guess I’ll just have to try and figure out the problem without testing it out. I’ll make sure to ask these orange hat people at the event. Thank you guys!

After you image your router at the competition you can only tether directly with an ethernet cable to your robot. Even if it is in AP mode you still can’t connect. You need to reset the router with a small screwdriver or paperclip, put it into AP mode, and reconfigure it like you did at the start of the season.

You can also use a USB cable to connect to the rio.

Tethering with a USB Type B cable directly to the RoboRIO allows you to directly interact with your subnet and its respective elements (such as a network IP cam) in the form of 10.TE.AM.IP?


When you use the USB interface your computer will have an address of with a subnet of (might be and the rio will have be IP cameras will not work, however any communication to the rio, such as the driver station or dashboard WILL work. That includes USB camera feeds. You can SSH into the rio through this, and I suspect you could ping an IP camera. It should find it via mDNS.