Turntable vs. Slew Bearing?

We at team 1768 are working on a pre-season training project. Since it is a training project we, decided to include a turn-table into our design. However, our team has no experience with turn-tables. We need to mount the arm from our 2011 robot onto a turntable. This is a low budget project, and we intend to only turn 180 degrees in each direction.

The question I have for you all, is what are the pros and cons of using a slew bearing versus a turntable?

What you want is called a “lazy susan” bearing. Slew bearings are generally for large loads, like on a crane, and are very expensive but if you have one, go ahead and use it.

Lazy susans are very inexpensive and better suited to the speeds and loads encountered in FRC.

Why “susan”? I dunno, maybe she is lazier than the other girls…

First choice just happens to have an Igus slew ring bearing listed. Go to their website for dimensions and more info.

We’ve ordered from VXB.com several times an been very pleased with the result.

Last year we used these on our turret:

Poke around their website. They have a very wide selection. I’d probably go a step or two up from the 400 lb one if you are supporting an arm: the cantilever and shock loads on them can be quite high.

I second this lazy susan. My team used the one on FIRST Choice at first last year until our robot took a dive – the bearings fell out. We then found this lazy susan to replace the broken one. It is built much better, and can take side loads better.

We third this recommendation. We used VXB as well. Great and affordable to boot.

These are priced a bit higher but seem to be somewhat thicker. We had one blow apart after the bot fell off its cart but were able to put it back together. It lasted another two years before the housing finally cracked.