Turret Bearing Ring

I’m wondering what other teams are using for a turret bearing ring material?

We’ve settled on using 6 bearing stacks to support the mobile part of the turret. The fixed turret ring used Aluminum cut by a generous local company on a laser. 0.25 inches thick 6061.

We took it apart for some general maintance and we where seeing quite a bit of wear under the upper bearing.

We where discussing a switch to Delrin for the next time a turret is needed, but wondering what other are using?

Current ring design for reference. The green part is currently 6061.

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In a previous turret we used Vee bearings on the edge of a 6061 plate.

We are using the basic configuration of the greyt turret, but powercoated the aluminum to prevent metal on metal contact. It’s worked wonderfully.

These can be used also, with a drive sprocket or gear mated to them. Warning that they aren’t designed for the torsional forces applied during stop/go and collisions in FRC so additional nylon or delrin blocks that span the 2 pieces will be needed to prevent “rapid unexpected disassembly” of the turret from occurring.

We did this but had issues with the turret coming unseated.

I think there were two components to our failures though.

  1. The structure we mounted it to was more or less made by hand and out of many pieces, so tolerances likely weren’t great and there was flex in places we didn’t want.

To alleviate that issue we should of had a single static mounting plate manufactured by our sponsors to keep everything in the right spot.

  1. The second issue I think is the sharp edges of the turret, which normally would ride against the vbearings got filed down. That likely added some gaps making it run not quite straight in the bearings.

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