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Hello! My team is trying to design a new turret. As the team captain this year, I’ve taken it upon myself to come up with multiple designs during the off-season. I’m not asking in this post for a step by step manual on how to build a turret. just concepts and types of turrets that are possible. so far ive made rough drafts for Ball Vomiter (Fly-wheel and adjustable hood Turret that feeds through the rotating object such as a lazy Susan) and Flak Cannon (2 axis rotating turret that shoots one ball at a time, that doesn’t feed through the rotating object ) Turrets. Does anyone know of other strategies and concepts to building turrets?

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Armabot sells a turret so if wanna a COTS version that’s there. That’s all I know about turrets though except that they’re not easy

ok cool, My team already has a turret base. thats the easy part. im mainly asking about types of turret heads. like the flywheel hood shooter or the 2 axis

Check out 148s in 2017. CAD is here. One of my favorites. Also 2016 254. Technical binder is here.

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for a 2 axis shooter, im referring to a design similar to the barker readbacks 2016 bot. robot reveal:
Found here.

Those are the two main types. Basically either the common 2017 fuel shooters or something like 987 in 2016 with a shooter on an arm on a turret. There’s also 1678’s turreted catapult, but that didn’t work out well even for them and I’ve never heard of any other team having success with something similar.

If you already have the turret design then what you’re really looking for here are different types of shooters, not different types of turrets. Look at different shooters from all kinds of robots, both with and without turrets, in a variety of games. Ask yourself if the design is compatible with sitting on top of a turret, and what that turret would need to look like in order to accommodate the shooter.

Thanks for the advice!

3946’s rookie robot was similar to your ball vomiter, but with a counter-rotating wheeled launcher. It had a lot of rookie implementation issues (like hand cut encoder wheels that never stayed in line), but the concept was pretty sound; we could shoot a foam basketball nearly 100 feet.

The most important part of a turret isn’t really what you put on it, the most important thing is to be able to reliably turn, solidly mount it, and cable management through/around the turret. Really you can throw anything on top because each year the object changes, it would be better to spend time making just a shooter or just a turret then strapping them together, or an arm on the turret

Not their most successful robot ever, but 118’s 2008 robot also used a turreted catapult.

Obviously this is an outsider’s perspective, but I’d imagine that was driven mostly by factors that aren’t as applicable today (motor options/quantities, the “V6” [or was it V8?] swerve).

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