Turret Example Code


Also: There’s more than one way to do it. For example, look at the incredible variation in climbers this year. Some were incredibly sophisticated. Ours was made from sewer pipe.


I agree with pretty much everything you said, but it’s worth noting that at some level of simplification, the turret isn’t super competitively useful:

Mechanically, a turret adds a decent amount of complexity, which (if you choose to build a turret) you’re justifying by saying it’ll speed you up in some significant way. For example, if you’re shooting from safe zones, do you really need a turret at all, or can you just turn your drivebase? I would argue that if you’re shooting from the trench or the target zone, since you can’t be hit, there’s limited advantage to turning a turret instead of your drivebase.

If that’s the calculation, you need to be able to shoot on the fly (or at least while you’re being pushed) to make a turret worthwhile.

This is completely disregarding the fact that by building a simple turret this year, you may be able to do more complicated turret code the following year – if this is your goal, of course, go for it, bu make sure you understand exactly what you expect that turret to do for you competitively this year.

Well, or other reasons like: you feel it will increase your accuracy, or your resistance to defense, or your drivability (eg separation of duties drive vs shoot).

And as I mentioned elsewhere, I thought the turret was the simplest/easiest subsystem on our 2020 robot.

It would be interesting to see data on which kinds of bots were successful in the 2020 Regionals that did happen. At Greater KC, there two turrets in the finals (1 each alliance), but 5 of the 6 were low-bots. Fitting a turret on a low-bot was, I thought, a pretty neat bit of engineering (team 2357).