Turret Positoning

Has anyone else seen how some of the teams seem to have to turret always trying to point close to the target even when their vision (limelight) is off. How can this be achieved?


Many teams use a combination of sensors (wheel encoders and gyro) to continuously update the estimated position of their robot, which is called odometry. They will then usually reset that position estimate when they turn their vision on. The robot then “knows” its position on the field, and you can command the turret point towards the goal.

WPILib has some built in utilities for estimating robot position, but it’s also not that hard to do it yourself.


Now is that more difficult to do when you have a West coast drive system? 3 weeks on each side? I was trying to mess with Pathweaver earlier in the season but SysId had issues.

You would want to use this. It shouldn’t be any harder with a differential drive

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