Turret240 Encoder Usage

Our team is trying to use the Turret240 this season however we are having trouble getting the encoder to work. We have gone with the “775 Mount, Digital Absolute Encoder” model that connects to the TalonSRX. We connected it via the Data Cable to the TalonSRX. We are also setting it up using this method: configSelectedFeedbackSensor(FeedbackDevice.PulseWidthEncodedPosition, 0, 0) called on the Talon it is connected to.

The problem is we are having readouts around the area of as high as 200,000. Additionally, while the turret is stationary the value seems to rise every couple minutes by roughly 4,000.

Do I have it configured wrong? Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? I have run out of ideas.

If you have other digital absolute sensors working in your system with that code, send me a PM with your information and we can get you a replacement encoder.

Please send me a PM with your order number and well get one out to you.