Tutorial: Authentic 2012 era Unregistered Hypercam 2 on Linux in 2020 *works*

The current release of Hypercam 2 is free hence it does not have that watermark whenever it is used to record something. That’s the issue, there is n0 watermark.

Sorry, couldn’t resist putting the clickbait style “works:slight_smile:


Here’s how to bring back the good old days before youtube was owned by google. And before people made videos for money instead of authenticity

I scoured the internet for an authentic version of Hypercam 2 that was unregistered and found the holy grail.

This is legal because it is in trial mode and no cracking is done. I do not believe the preservation of the older versions break the EULA either. And cracking would be counterproductive to bringing back an authentic Hypercam 2 watermark :wink:

If you don’t remember Unregistered Hyperrcam 2, get out reeeee, you’ll never be a true meme lord. And you never saw memes that lived for years lol
j.k. become one of us. one of us. one of us.

This is highly relevant to FRC because who wouldn’t want to use Unregistered Hypercam 2 for their Robotics Screen reecordings?

(reeecordings XD)


Skip to 43:42 for the part where it works. This isn’t a hoax, I don’t have good enough video editing skills to pull a hoax for this off.

I wanted to imitate the style of the era hence why it looks like clickbait XD

And why I replied to my own post instead of editing it.

Gosh I love time travel.