Tutorials for excel and google sheets

Where can I find tutorials for excel and google sheets for FRC? I have seen RAMP videos. Are there resources like RAMP?

Are you looking to use a spreadsheet for a particular function? Or just interested in videos showing how other teams use them?

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I am interested in videos and guides .

I’ve had reasonably good success googling, “how to do XYZ” in excel for both articles and videos.


@Onur4 it would be very helpful if you provided more detailed information on specific function or an introductory guide for people who have not had any prior experience with spreadsheets?

Echoing what @AdamHeard suggested, I have found many good tutorials on YouTube. Caveat - I have also found many bad ones too. I noticed that Khan Academy has some tutorials for Exel. I have found most of their videos quite good.

There are also books such as the “Dummies” series. You may be able to find some copies in a used book store. Just don’t get ones for versions of Excel that are too old. I was going to provide links for Amazon and other booksellers but noticed that you are in Istanbul so shipping would probably be prohibitive.

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I am making customizations on some part numbering and simulator sheets. I see functions as data validations , define name range, etc. I am figuring out by searching but it would be faster to learn when there is a guide.

Trial and error

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you forgot “rachel how do i do this in google sheets”


Revisiting my earlier response of “trial and error,” I’d also add that anything you think is possible to achieve in spreadsheet almost certainly is. If you can articulate how the data should behave, there is a formula (or 17 formulas working in tandem) to accomplish it. Be persistent, Google things, message people on Slack who are better than you, and if all else fails, ask on a forum.

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Arguably OP already tried that (this thread).

Next time, they should ask something specific (i.e “how do I grab only teams who have scored more than 3 Game Pieces in a match and put them into their own separate organized list”). I dont think theres any general FRC related tutorials for Excel/Gsheets, mainly because any question can be slightly adapted and asked on a general forum (and already has been answered).


Feel free to ask questions here, giving details on what you are wanting to do, what you have done and what is not working, as @MikLast suggested. It might be helpful if you posted a copy of your spreadsheet so people can download it to it see in detail and try different solutions.


I have found this course Excel with Wayne to be excellent. It really doesn’t matter if you use sheets or excel - if you understand spreadsheets you can easily transition between them.

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Or a VBA macro. One of the biggest takeaways from my Numerical Analysis course in college was how to use formulas and macros to solve just about any problem we were handed in that course. But I don’t think that’s as much of an option for GSheets.

Google Sheets has Google Apps Scripts, which do the same job as VBA scripts in Excel. They’re probably easier to write/debug too.


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