Tutorials for Making Robotics Videos

Hi all,

My name is Hunter, and I am the lead videographer for Team 2471. I’m here to present my tutorial videos on how to make videos! These 16 videos cover a wide range of topics:

  • Planning out Scripted Videos such as the Reveal & Chairmans Videos
  • The Pros & Cons of common cameras like Phones & DSLRs
  • Filming at competitions
  • Different shot types that can be used while filming
  • The locations at events where one can film
  • The many ways to edit a competition video
  • What to do when the video is “done”

I joined TMM in March of 2015, but it wasn’t until September of that same year that I realized that I could help the team in another way besides Programming. So I borrowed a video camera, and started filming. By the end of May 2016, I had made 13 videos for the team, including our 2016 Reveal Video, the 2016 Chairman’s Video, and the recent Reveal Video for a local competition hosted by Team 1540, BunnyBots. According to others on the team, I set a team standard for producing videos, but some people were worried that after I would leave the team, this standard would never be reached again.

That’s where these videos come in. They are highly based around FIRST Robotics and how our team specifically functions, but a lot of the points I bring up should apply to most other robotics teams and video production in general.

You can view the playlist of all 16 videos here!

I don’t consider myself an expert of video production, nor am I the best at teaching, but hopefully these videos will help somebody be better at making videos for their team. It’s also important to know that all of these videos are based off of my experiences on my team, and I hope to update them next year after I’ve had more time and experience as a videographer.

Thanks guys!

These look awesome. Being in charge of filming our chairman’s/Reveal video this year these are definitely going to help me, and my team, out. Thanks Hunter!

Thaks for posting this. These will be incredibly useful for my team :stuck_out_tongue: