TV Commercial Game - 5/28/04

Todays TV Commercial Phrase is:

“Good Life, Great Price(s)”

Good Luck

Official rules and regulations of the TV Commercial Game can be found here:

OO i know this one its Sears :smiley:

I really should making a rule that you can’t win twice in a row, but oh well…

Sears is correct for 100 points.

well yea but nobody else seems to be playing :ahh:

You answered him in four minutes. How are we supposed to compete with that?? I always read this but someone always beats me to it…


O wow i didn’t even look at the time :ahh:

Oh, I noticed it.

That’s why I try to keep it at random times. I like seeing who is the first one to answer the question, even if I post it at 3AM like I will prolly do sometimes… lol