T'was the Night before Kickoff

(FIRSTies always get Two Xmases!
For all my dear friends and for the new ones I know
I will meet and make this season, Happy Holidays,
good luck, and have a safe and enjoyable season.)

Twas the night before Kickoff,
And all through the Nation,
Most team members were sleeping,
Dreaming about build season duration.

The programmers lay awake,
Tossing in their beds,
While code lines and sub-routines,
Looped endlessly in their heads.

The new kits were ready,
and in boxes fully laden,
All the parts were waiting,
For the new games unveiling.

While I as a mentor,
Both wise and mature,
Worried and wondered,
What I’d have to endure!

The clues have been given,
Speculation run riot,
I need to relax,
And find some place quiet!

I know on Saturday Morning,
On the stage will appear,
Dean, Woody, and Dave,
With motors and gears.

They’ll give a great show
and wow the awed throng,
And an hour later,
Everyone will be gone.

Off to the workshop,
Let’s begin right away!
The ship date is only
Six weeks from Today!


Awesome. That’s great.

Very nice.

Wow! Awesome!

That is awesome! I really cant wait for kickoff and this just makes me think and wish kickoff was tomorrow!!! :slight_smile:

Nice, now I just wish it really was the night before kickoff. Luckily for me I have not lost any sleep over this yet, that I know of anyway…

I gave up on all of this hint stuff this year! I figured what was the use? Everyone has good ideas about what they might mean, but really with FIRST it could mean almost anything!

I will lose enough sleep the night after kickoff coming up with ideas… :slight_smile:


Oh wow… It didn’t really occur to me that Kickoff was so close until I read that… CHRISTMAS IS COMING AGAIN!!! May we begin the era of insomnia and stress with grace…

Well done Dr. Bot. Probably took you awhile to come up with that. :smiley:

I think Kickoff and competitions are the only things that will make anyone on our team wake up before 10 am…

We’re the ones that would rather work through 'til 4 am in Week 5 rather than get up at 9.

Oh pish posh. It didn’t take that long. I really want to be Weird Al Yankovich when I grow up.

THAT…SO…ROCKS!!! So going in my subprofile on AIM (credit to you, of course!) once I put it back up. =D
I love that so much! Hahahaaaaa…=D I was crackin’ up.

wow, that was great. I can’t wait until kickoff!

I have spent quite a lot of time on the clue, not because I honestly think I can solve it, but it is the only thing that I have relating to the 2005 season, love being involved in robotics so much, I can’t get enough!

:slight_smile: Reading that made me smile. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I’ll be moving into my dorm room on Saturday, and won’t be able to participate on MTU’s team this year. tear

Next year …

FIRST Haiku,

I’m going to England,
Jan thirteen to seventeen,
boy, will I miss FIRST.

But I’ll be a greedy FIRST pig when I get back. Good luck to everyone and I hope you get some homework done before Saturday :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Welcome back all those teams who are returning! Who’s ready?!?!?!

nice one :wink:

haha awesome!

guess what tonight is??!!!?!

Nice! :smiley:
How’d you know I was getting a jump on the autonomous code? :rolleyes: